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Customer Comments - 2010

Best Crystal is an independent small business, and excellent customer service is our highest priority - our customer service and communication distinguish us from our competition. We have knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives ready to assist you via phone or email at 1-866-516-0907 or service@bestcrystal.com. Your shopping experience and satisfaction are very important to us. Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to write and call. We appreciate your feedback and your business. We will keep working hard to provide Best Crystal customers with the best customer service.

Lisa - Thank you for all of your assistance with the Nambe menorahs. They were a big hit at our dinner and very well received. So glad that the direct shipping from Nambe in Santa Fe to the hotel in LA worked perfectly. Looking forward to working with you in the future. Have a wonderful holiday season,

Anne M. 12/15/10

Thank you for your courteous and prompt customer service. I was extremely surprised when the pair of flutes arrived, allowing me to choose the best!! These flutes are for my daughter's wedding in May. She will be delighted!!! I will definitely use Best Crystal again. Sincerely,

Rosemary T. 12/8/10

Good Morning. I just want to thank you for the stellar service that we received with our bulk purchase of the Waterford 7 Swans-a-Swimming ornaments. Our employees love them and we loved the excellent care from the Customer Service Department. I just hung up the phone to ask about a minor issue with one of the ornaments and it was so simple and the rep was so nice that I just had to take a minute to let you know how much the outstanding service is appreciated. Have a wonderful day and happy holidays!

Best regards,
Mary Anne W. 12/1/10

Thank you, excellent service as always!

Paul E. 11/30/10

Amy, Thank you for a pleasurable buying experience. Please pass this along to your management. I will have Laurie take a photo of the hurricane lamp dome and send to the same e/m address for your benefit in search of a replacement. Again, the lamp was given to me by a former employer as a thank you gift in year 2000 and is important part of my past.

Tim S. 11/29/10

Thank you in advance for your consideration. Thanks for the update. Have a great holiday!

Steve L. 11/24/10

Thank you for your update and help in my order.

Rebecca H. 11/24/10

Dear Erica, Received the two Waterford Crystal Times Square Ball Ornaments today. Thank you very much for your excellent service and having the ornaments signed. Happy Holidays!

Yvonne V. 11/23/10

Thank you for your help. If I need something in the future I will contact your company.

Eileen C. 11/10/10

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Your group and company are nothing short of top notch. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Best Regards,

Jeff P. 11/9/10

Hi Patti, The three Orrefors clocks arrive perfect and thank you so much.You were so efficient in handling everything and made it very easy for me. Certainly will keep you in mind for further purchases. Very Truly Yours,

Nilda B. 10/30/10

Belated thanks for your excellent service and for shipping our recent order in a timely manner. You have an impressive inventory and we will return to your website for gift shopping.

George M. 10/27/10

I have purchased gifts from Best Crystal for several years. They are reputable, dependable, reasonably priced and purchases arrive well packed and unbroken. I recommend purchasing from Best Crystal to anyone! I am pleased with their service and products!

Linda W. 10/24/10

The gift was received and loved! Also, I wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service! I will make sure to recommend best crystal to all of my friends! Sincerely-

Diana L. 10/19/10

Love the friendly, fast and efficient service of gifts being shipped around the country.

Kristi P. 10/19/10

Great selection, good prices. Love the free shipping/no tax/free gift wrap! Wrapping was pretty and gifts always arrived safely. Returns were fairlyeasy. Emails/phone calls got prompt, friendly responses. Thanks!

Maura (George) S. 10/19/10

I have purchased from Best Crystal in the past and they have the best prices and great customer service.

Suzanne B. 10/17/10

Wow - thank you so much! I was thrilled to get this confirmation email from you this morning. What fantastic customer service! I will definitely come back to Best Crystal for all of my wedding and special gift purchases. Many thanks,

Kim B. 10/14/10

Been shopping for Waterford ornaments the past 5 years with Best Crystal. Absolutely the best service, ship time, etc.

Gary H. 10/12/10

I love getting my grandchildren Christmas ornaments from Best Crystal. I hope they will treasure them always and pass them on.

Cindy D. 10/12/10

Just LOVE Waterford. Best Crystal has great prices & they are fast on your order turn around.

Ellen M. 10/12/10

Easy and convenient shopping!

Katy W. 10/11/10

Thank you SO much! It is completely sufficient, we just needed to know who to thank. And actually, knowing Alice, I'm not surprised she didn't respond - she's a busy lady!! I will print the note and attach it to the package so the bride and groom will know. Thank you again, so much, for solving our mystery!! Have a great day,

Joan K. 10/11/10

Thank you so much, Lisa! This was really helpful.

Sonia N. 10/11/10

Thank you for your response. I will be ordering items 136125 and 136126 at a minimum to complete the 12 Days of Christmas bell set, I wanted to order early to be sure I get them while in stock. I've ordered from Best Crystal the last two or three years and have had nothing short of exceptional service!! I will be looking at other items later. Thank you again. Best Regards,

Michael K. 10/4/10

Thank you, Erica. I appreciate the help with the return. I understand there will be 3 attempts. Hopefully they will try again next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday rather than this Friday. Thank you again,

Kristin A. 10/1/10

I just experienced the best customer service. I placed an order for Waterford China for my daughter's upcoming wedding in November and the customer service rep, Patti, was terrific. I can't describe how wonderful the experience was for me. Patti was friendly, knowledgeable of the product, great recall, and extremely helpful. I needed the majority of the order shipped to my daughter and just one place setting send to me for the shower and she didn't hesitate for a minute to give me what I requested. Wow! She also called Macy's and updated my daughter's registry for us. Please make sure she is recognized for her service. I have worked in customer service for 31 years and when a company can give this kind of service they will definitely succeed.I also want to state I called Waterford myself to inquire about Best Crystal to make sure they were legitimate and they spoke very highly of your company. You came highly recommended by them. Thank you once again. Sincerely,

Pat C. 9/30/10

I checked the other 2 and they look great! Thank you, you guys have great customer service, I know my mom loved working with you. We will definitely use you in the future. Regards,

Kathryn G. 9/10/10

Thank you for your prompt response. Very professional. I am an advocate for your business.

Kerrie P. 9/7/10

Thanks for the notification. It'll be a relief to have the full set! Sincerely,

Susan S. 9/1/10

This was my first purchase from your company. The Waterford Times Square 2011 Ball arrived in a timely fashion. The item was packaged quite well and arrived safely. This was indeed a good experience with your company. Thank you so much.

Steve K. 8/31/10

Patti, Thank you for your prompt, professional and courteous reply.

P. W. 8/24/10

Many thanks for the phone message left by "Patti" of your office yesterday, updating me on the status of my order. I have never received such superb customer service from any business and anticipate telling others about your company.

Arlene P. 8/25/10

You guys are the best, I cannot thank you enough. I am shocked at the service quality your company provides and you will be highly recommended. Sincerely,

John A. 8/23/10

I wanted to circle back and confirm for you that everything went perfectly as to the frames and the shipping. The frames were all terrific, and the engraving was perfect. So, thank you again. And, thinking ahead to the Holidays (I can't believe we're already in mid-August), it looks increasingly likely that I'll be seeking to purchase a few frames (where I will add the photo) as Christmas presents. Most likely they will be 5x7, crystal frames, but there's a chance I'll also go with silver. I thought the Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern was terrific (not surprisingly), and were I to go with silver (or silver plate), while I love the Waterford (engraved) frames I purchased, I would probably go with a different pattern for the sake of variety. Also, it's at least possible that I will purchase one 8x10. Again, many thanks for all your help, Lisa. Best wishes,

Greg C. 8/22/10

We received the shipment today (Friday, August 20) .We are satisfied with everything about your handling of our order. Thanks for everything.

Robert H. 8/20/10

Hi, the package arrived today – Wednesday so I have plenty of time to wrap it before the wedding Saturday. Thanks for correcting the error so quickly. From being an annoyed customer on Saturday I am now very pleased with your service.

Debby Z. 8/18/10


CAROLYN S. 8/11/10

Thanks for keeping us in mind. We just received the remainder of our dinnerware from my parents over the weekend. Thanks for staying on top of this,

Bill P. 8/9/10

Thanks so much to all for our last minute awards..they all arrived in a very timely manner and in perfect condition! Thanks so much Lisa for everything! Best,

Matilda H. 7/22/10

Thank you so much for the information! I truly appreciate your help! Have a great weekend!

Ginny A. 7/15/10

Oops! I made an error. You are right, standard delivery will do nicely. Thank you so very much for the email and call. You have a customer who will now return often

Chet N. 7/13/10

Wow! Thank you for everything. Your whole email--and your actions on checking on the box, which I realize you wouldn't typically do--was perfect, and it helps me tremendously. Excellent thought and very nice gesture on your part! I don't know what else to say other than thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty, as you have in the past, and I want you to know that again I appreciate it very much (and, by implication, I know my parents will as well). Thank you for everything. From helping to "right" the original mistake that wasn't your fault (and doing so on exceedingly fair terms, which I hope and believe was a true win/win result), to the special "wrapping," to helping me tremendously with my "story" to hide the true contents of the box. That type of customer service is exceedingly rare--as I'm sure you know--in today's day and age, and it makes it all the more noteworthy and appreciated. You're a first-rate professional, without question. I know you already are aware of this, but I am going to say it again: I won't hesitate to use Best Crystal again, going forward, and recommend you to friends. Have (if you haven't already, by the time you read this) a very Happy 4th! Thank you! Best,

Greg C. 7/3/10

I received it today! What a nice surprise that it came early. Thanks for your help.

Liz A. 6/30/10

Thank you! You did a great job and I REALLY appreciate the great customer service.

Gayle H. 6/29/10

Thanks Lisa. You guys have a great site and I'll definitely be back in the near future. Thanks,

Jason P. 6/25/10

Thank you for your very prompt reply and for checking at Waterford, as well. I still very much prefer the cross I ordered - I have seen it and purchased it before and it is both beautiful and larger in size - so I will look forward to receiving it as soon as you do. It was a high school graduation gift for someone who is going away to college for the 1st time in August, so I am anxious for her to have it before leaving. I'm sure you will do what you can to accommodate me. Thank you again for your prompt and thorough attention to this. It is very much appreciated.

Jeanne S. 6/25/10

Again, thank you very kindly for your assistance and looking after my case. I did receive the tracking number email and expected delivery date of 28 June 2010. Sincerely yours,

Wanda N. 6/24/10

I just wanted to let you know that on 6-15-10 I had a very nice experience with your telephone customer service professional. I was shopping on line, but had a question, so I called your toll free #. The woman I spoke with (I’m sorry I didn’t get her name) was very friendly and welcomed my questions. She got me the answers I needed so I could continue to place my order on line. Everything went well with my order on line, but it is very comforting to know that there are still people (people who care) that are part of the process too. I will definitely shop with you folks again. PS LOVE the free shipping.

Jean H. 6/24/10

Sorry for just getting back to you now. I didn't have internet access today. The charge is fine and thank you for taking half of it off. Thank you again for all your help, you are absolutely awesome J

Elena 6/23/10

Great, thank you very kindly again for your immediate attention and action! Sincerely yours,

Wanda N. 6/17/10

Thank you so much! It was actually delivered today - you said I would get it the middle of June and so I did!!!! Thanks again for the great service.

Gayle W. 6/16/10

I want to let you know how great your Customer Service Department is. They are very helpful and friendly and I want to Thank You for your prompt service. We have received both orders!!!! Thank You Again

Kelly M. 6/2/10

Dear Staff: It must be my lucky day! My experience shopping with you has been nothing short of FANTASTIC! Every conversation has been professional and helpful. I truly appreciate you letting me exchange the lamp shade I purchased from you. It will make life easier and hopefully prevent a Waterford Belline lamp from biting the dust. If you ever need a testimonial, I’m your gal. Continued success. Sincerely,

Mary S. 6/1/10

I ordered a Waterford lamp from your company. This was the first time that I had used your website. I was thoroughly pleased with your website and your customer service department. My product had to be ordered from Ireland and I got the package when the delivery date was first stated. I did contact Customer Service and within an hour I had a reply. Your company deserves an A+ at the Better Business Bureau and I will not hesitate to recommend your website to others. Sincerely,

Marilyn Y. 5/30

I wanted to let you know what a stellar woman Erica is; I have Waterford Lismore Essence as my stemware pattern; I am completing my collection, and ordered the champagne flutes; four out of 6 were flawed. Erica listened to my concerns; promptly shipped replacements; 2 of the replacements were flawed, but she cordially was flexible enough and I got 2 Balloon Wine glasses in their place. She was patient, efficient, and resolved the issues with a great deal of finesse; you are most fortunate to have her on your team. My job as a Kaiser-Permanente AACC R.N. we strive for customer service excellence; Erica rates 110%! Because of my positive experience, I will be a return customer. Most Sincerely,

Suzanne-Marie R. 5/26/10

I appreciate your prompt courteous service.

Lisa O. 5/13/10

The above order was mailed to my daughter as instructed and was received in super condition. So much so that she hated to unwrap the box so as to check for any damage. All is perfect and I want to thank you for your excellent efficiency and professional service. I can't wait until August 2nd when we will arrive in MA, at which time I will be able to see the lovely decanter in person. Word of mouth is your best form of advertisement.......I will gladly speak of "Best Crystal" to all of my friends and of their great professional service. Sincerely,

Stanley B. 5/10/10

OK. Thank you for your excellent service, once again!

Wendy A. 5/3/10

Thank you very much for your help. The information is correct and you were most helpful. Best regards,

Linda 4/27/10

I want to thank you for the exceptional service I received in replacing the missing portion of my order. I am recommending your company to everybody I know. I received the 2 additional place settings on 4/13/10 with no problem. Thank you again!

Carin S. 4/14/10

Thank you for your paying such close attention to the ceiling fixture purchase. I truly appreciate your communication with respect to the purchase and your advice about all the steps that I am to consider to ensure satisfaction in this transaction. Regards,

Frieda L. 4/13/10

Thank you for your assistance. You guys are the Best by far.

Jim H. 4/12/10

Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate your email back too. I did receive my confirmation this morning … but I appreciate you following up. I look forward to seeing them! Thank you,

Ashley L. 4/9/10

Thank you. I received the 3-5 Piece Place Settings that I ordered from you. They are beautiful. I now have an entire set of 10-5 Piece Place Settings, and I will be ordering more cups and saucers in the future, as well as other pieces so I will make sure I don't wait too long but I can relax now that I have a Full Set of 8. Thank you for shipping them so promptly.

Eileen P. 4/9/10

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your company and the service I have received. I have now placed 2 orders and had to do an exchange on the second. The customer service rep was extremely courteous and helpful and the exchange was hassle-free and painless. I will certainly be a multiple-repeat customer. Thanks again!

Trey B. 4/7/10

Thanks for GREAT service!

Georgina C. 4/7/10

That is fine. I am in no rush for the flutes. Customer satisfaction? - You guys are the BEST!

Wendy A. 3/29/10

Thanks so much for your reply addressing my concerns. I appreciate it.

Lorraine M. 3/29/10

I just received the partial shipment. It is beautiful. Thank you for your quick service and for responding to my concern about the charges. I will check my account in a few days. Thank you,

Kathi G. 3/23/10

This is simply a note to confirm my receipt of the last portion of my recent order. The Waterford wine glasses I ordered arrived in perfect shape (just as the goblets did before them), and I want to thank you again for your wonderful, professional service. I will not forget you when I want to purchase another item of this nature, and I’ll recommend you enthusiastically to others. Best regards,

Greg D. 3/16/10

I am very pleased at long last to learn you have shipped the glasses I ordered in September of ’09! I am writing because I want to tell you that I appreciate the service you provided – the follow up when I inquired as to shipping dates, etc. I understand you didn’t have control over the timing but you do have control over the pleasantness and helpfulness of your service. Thanks!

Susan V. 3/16/10

I have received my replacement piece. It was fine. I have been very impressed doing business with Best Crystal. Your service has been very efficient. I would recommend Best Crystal to anyone. Thank you for your help.

Beverly H. 3/14/10

I received my china and was extremely pleased with it as well as your excellent customer service. I appreciate the follow up and concern that your customers are pleased with their purchase. Best,

Cherry P. 3/13/10

Thank you for the update. I am looking forward to getting the bowls in a few weeks!

Songi K. 3/13/10

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is just what I needed!

Mary S. 3/11/10

We received the glasses yesterday and they are great! Thanks for working with us on these gifts. Thanks,

Laura H. 2/24/10

Thank you for the information on Waterford and the time it took to respond. It was helpful. Have a great day!

Auridice M. 2/24/10

Thank you for the wonderful service and attention to this order. The shipment arrived Friday morning. Commencement exercises for Law School graduates were held Saturday afternoon. At the close of the formal dinner Saturday night, I presented the Wynnewood Goblets and Flute to my daughter, Jenifer. Champagne was poured for all in our party; Jenifer served from her new Waterford Crystal. She was Elated! Thanks to your excellent assistance, a very important event had a perfect conclusion. Sincerely,

Earl A. 2/23/10

Just wanted to circle back and let you know that everything went very well with the Waterford frames and flutes from Best Crystal. They were a HUGE hit with my parents at their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration! I was very pleased with our conversations re: the flutes and the frames, the process you set in motion, the timing of the delivery, the wrapping, and--most importantly--the final engraved products. In short, thank you. I will not hesitate to contact you and Best Crystal again in the future, and recommend you to others. I'll likely be back in touch. But, most importantly, thank you for all your help, Lisa. Genuinely appreciated. Best wishes,

Greg C. 2/23/10

Hello. I want to confirm my receipt of the two Waterford tall gold flute champagne glasses I recently ordered from you. And, I want to pointedly compliment you on your service. Your packaging is wonderful, and I recognize and want to thank you for the care you took with, and the superior quality of the products you sent me. I’ve ordered stemware directly from Waterford before and surprisingly they do not do as well as you with ease of ordering, responsiveness to customers, or the quality of and care with the shipment of their product. I am very impressed with and appreciative of your service. I wish I had discovered you sooner. I hope to have the chance to recommend you to others. Thanks again and best regards,

Greg D. 2/17/10

Wanted to let you know the package arrived safe and sound. I'm sure they are beautiful and will let you know once they are presented and unwrapped. All the Best,

Donna G. 2/17/10

I just received the crystal and it is awesome. Thanks, again, for all your assistance. Have a great weekend!

Joy K. 2/12/10

Hi Lisa, thanks for the excellent customer service. No problem, I will await the tracking information and look forward to receiving the tray, when it arrives. We are having bad weather here and looks to be close to 18-24” of snow today. Look forward to receiving the order. Best,

Linda K. 2/10/10

Thanks for your quick reply, yes you are correct, Lismore Toasting Flutes is what I want. Thanks.

Jill S. 2/5/10

I received the lampshade today. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery!

Michal S. 2/4/10

Thanx Patti -- you're a 'dream' -- I'm hoping my daughter loves the Colleen Encore as much as I have loved the Powerscourt!

Cathie P. 2/2/10

Thank you for letting me know this. I was very concerned about completing my place settings for this pattern, so I am glad that I am not too late! Thank you for the prompt reply!

Bonnie M. 2/2/10

Excellent - already "signed up" - that was easy thanks to your help! Have a great day -

Lee C. 1/29/10

Thanks for the update on the remainder of my order as well as the info on the pattern being discontinued. I just ordered the place settings and soup bowls. Thank you for your help and discount.

Chris R. 1/25/10

Thank you for your email, your nice comments, and the proof for the 3 Lismore flutes. I have reviewed the attached proof for the flutes, and it definitely meets my approval (it looks perfect to me). Please give the "go-ahead" for the engraving on the flutes. I sure appreciate your efforts. Needless to say, that all sounds great! Thanks very much for the update, and I'm delighted everything appears to be right on schedule. Once again, this looks perfect. It's exactly what I wanted, and all the spelling is correct. You now also have my authorization to move forward on the engraving for the two frames. Again, Lisa, many thanks! I sure appreciate all your effort and follow-through.

Greg C. 1/22/10

Many thanks - replacement flute arrived today. I am so pleased with Best Crystal and the company's attention to customer service.

Dianne S. 1/12/10

Hi Lisa! Thanks for your prompt response. I understand now! My main concern was that the cake server set was supposed to be sent in the same shipment and was lost!! The flutes are beautiful and I know my daughter will be thrilled using them at her wedding on January 31st. I can't wait to see the cake server set too. Thanks again from the nervous mother of the bride!

Niki B. 1/11/10

I found your customer service to be friendly and respectful. From beginning to end, this was a wonderful purchase - so glad to have found you. Thanks.

Judy P. 1/7/10

Thanks and if that is the case then please charge me the full amount. I love those glasses and others and will continue to use your store. Thanks for the response.

Jayme P. > 1/5/10