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Customer Comments - 2011

Best Crystal is an independent small business, and excellent customer service is our highest priority - our customer service and communication distinguish us from our competition. We have knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives ready to assist you via phone or email at 1-866-516-0907 or service@bestcrystal.com. Your shopping experience and satisfaction are very important to us. Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to write and call. We appreciate your feedback and your business. We will keep working hard to provide Best Crystal customers with the best customer service.

Thank you! I have been extremely impressed by your customer service! Thanks again! We received the package right in time for Christmas - thank you! My husband was thrilled with the set.

April C. 12/29/11

Thank you Lisa. I really appreciate everything you did for me. Got all my Nambe and they are beautiful. I'm sure our guests will love them. I appreciate all the help you gave me. It was a personal touch that I very much appreciated and will remember Best Crystal in the future. You helped make my Christmas a little less stressful.

Sheri S. 12/27/11

Dear Patti and Erica, UPS just delivered the shipment. Thank you! I have printed the UPS label, repackaged the returns and will be going to the UPS Store tomorrow. I appreciate your help, especially during what is a very busy week for everyone at Best Crystal.

Eric L. 12/20/11

Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for the credit. I appreciate your excellent customer service. I purchased other Waterford earlier and will be happy to continue being a customer of Best Crystal and recommend you to friends and family. Regards,

Barbara M. 12/10/11

Thanks for your help. My order has been placed and I received a confirmation. Have a great weekend and a Happy Holiday!

Diane C. 12/9/11

Thanks for the prompt reply Lisa, and the news about that item being discontinued...at least she will have 6 glasses in her set now as they become harder to find. Glad to learn the item will ship tonight. I'm going to use Best Crystal again. Happy Holidays.

Jon B. 11/28/11

Gosh - All I can say so far is you guys are terrific! Looking forward to the delivery (my brother's Christmas present) and will certainly order again since this was my first time and I just happened upon you on an Internet ad, no referral or anything. Believe me, I'll be referring others to YOU after this great experience!! Thanks so much - for being so kind as to add in the promo code but for catching my error in entering my email address (oops)!! See, this is the kind of wonderful customer service treat we receive by working with people who care about their customers and the products they deliver. I do my best to support independent businesses and rarely shop large chain stores so I am happy just to do business w/you! Again, THANKS!!!

June U. 11/27/11

Thanks so much for the info! It is a great help. Amazing processing - it means we can get working on this next week! You're the BEST Lisa and it's always a pleasure working with you! Have a great holiday weekend and thank you so very much for your help this year! Happy thanksgiving,

Marcia S. 11/23/11

Thank you for the prompt service and yes the dishes have arrived safe and sound.

Donna F. 11/18/11

Do not hesitate to order from this company. Not only where they especially kind and considerate, but the packaging was amazing. You don't have to worry about your item being broken. It came just when they said it would and the toasting flutes I ordered were perfect!! I ordered red toasting flutes for my son's wedding, and they were gorgeous!! I was worried about the color of red, but the lady I spoke with told me they were just the red color I was looking for, and she was right. I will without a doubt order from Best Crystal again!! I was truly satisfied and wanted others to know.

Erin L. 11/12/11

Thank you very much! That is very kind of you and it is appreciated. Thanks again & I will be in contact with you the next time I place an order for our crystal! Sincerely,

Jim R. 11/4/11

Thank you for the update. Everything I received so far has been excellent. I look forward to ordering from you again.

Barb H. 10/28/11

Good morning Patti, I ordered the lamp and it arrived yesterday as scheduled. It is in perfect condition and very beautiful. Thank you for all your help.

Ken and Elaine P. 10/26/11

Lisa, Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. You will be hearing from me shortly. Also, thank you for the vast amount of information and insight you have provided for me. Would you feel comfortable sending me the name and e-mail of your direct supervisor? I would like to place a letter in your file. Regards,

David V. 10/21/11

Patti, Hope this note gets to you and you forward it to your boss. I cannot believe how marvelous you were in helping me with the problem of the Waterford getting mis-delivered due to my incorrect address. Never thought in 100 years that UPS would be able to track and retrieve the package. But your help was the best. You got me a discount on the second set and now have refunded the second set!!! WOW! You worked hard for me and believe me, I will never order crystal from anyone else. Thank you, thank you!!!! In this world where you can hardly get a person to talk to, you excelled.

Mona P. 10/21/11

Good afternoon, Your shipment arrived today and I feel that I must comment. Every step of the way, with every problem you were the first to call me to let me know and potentially have an option. Customer service with this company has by far surpassed what I have encountered to date. The products that I have ordered arrived solidly packed, not a chip or crack to be found. It will make a wonderful wedding gift. With the extra fast shipping, there is time to hand pick the wrapping and hand deliver it as planned. I wanted to take the time to make sure that I let you all know since you took the time to make sure I had every available opportunity. Thank you and I am looking and expecting great things from the second shipment due to arrive next week for yet another wedding. Whenever I need another perfect gift at a reasonable price I know where to go first and to send my friends. Thank you once more.

Jon M. 10/20/11

Lisa, We received the engraved Waterford clock yesterday via mail. It is beautiful. Thank you for assisting us with this order. We are happy that Waterford recommended you as a supplier for their engraved clocks. We have found that they are a nice gift for our retirees. Thanks again for handling this for us! Sincerely,

Rhonda H. 10/20/11

I must say that you were very quick to respond to my request to change the delivery address. It is very refreshing to have a company that knows how important it is to have great customer service. In this day and age so many companies forget that. I always stress that to everyone who works with me and that every person who you take care of in a timely fashion will refer others to your business. Thanks again...Sincerely,

Marsha F. 10/18/11

We received our order yesterday via UPS. It arrived very well packed in excellent condition. Thank-you!

Pat S. 10/12/11

Thank you, thank you! I appreciate your prompt response.

Patricia L. 10/4/11

I was confused. I got my dates mixed up but thank you for the clarification and the time you spent in straightening me out. :) I really do enjoy your website and customer service. Thank you.

Jordi C. 9/28/11

Many thanks for the attentive, comprehensive response... outstanding customer service. Best wishes,

Elizabeth B. 9/27/11

Thank you very much for your prompt attention. I appreciate it and I don't need the new box until November. Regards,

Joyce F. 9/19/11

Received my goods today and am really pleased with both the glasses and the service. Will be back,

Mary B. 9/15/11

Best Crystal is an AMAZING company to deal with. I love them! I have purchased several wedding gifts through them and wouldn't think of buying anywhere else. With all of our kids getting to that "marrying" age, please use Best Crystal for your wedding gift needs. You won't be sorry!

Suzana C. 9/13/11

Thank you Lisa :) I appreciate the fact that you took the time to research this billing for me. Aloha,

Joanne L. 9/9/11

Thank you, what incredible service. I already received this yesterday, only one day needed for shipping across the country to my doorstep. Thank you again.

Barbara A. 9/8/11

Delivered just in time. Our department at work bought this piece for a coworker who is retiring after 54 years. We were very pleased with your service and the crystal was perfect. She loved it! Thank you !!

Nancy F. 9/8/11

Thank you so much for your prompt response!

Denise K. 9/5/11

The replacement flute arrived today in perfect shape. It is so refreshing in this day and time to purchase from a company that really takes care of its customers. Many thanks for your help.

Carolyn B. 8/31/11

Thanks so much for your help! You went above and beyond!! My mom will be so happy. These glasses were a gift to my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary from my younger brother who died suddenly. My parents will be so happy to get a replacement and have their set complete. Sometimes you don't realize how a little help you give can mean to a person. Thanks for taking your time with this.

Kathy P. 8/31/11

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for all your help, very nice to do business with (Best Crystal). Thank you,

Karen K. 8/24/11

Thank you, Lisa! Your stellar assistance was the reason we placed our order with Best Crystal for the 2nd year in a row. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for all of your help! Best regards,

Mary Anne W. 8/12/11

Thank you so much! I will certainly recommend your site to others. Great service.

Susan B. 8/11/11

Thank you, Patti! That would be great. I just wanted to say that every interaction I've had with you (and everyone at Best Crystal) has been exceptional. Thank you for your superlative customer service! Best,

Heather M. 8/4/11

Thanks for the great packaging. The four 12 days flutes look great.

Barbara S. 8/4/11

Ms. Christensen, Thank you. I greatly appreciate your consideration and I apologize for any trouble.

Tom O. 7/16/11


Genell H. 7/15/11

Lisa ~ Thank you SO MUCH for doing this for me. I feel terribly about the tape accidentally ripping the box and truly appreciate you sending me a new one. I just wanted it to look nice for my special friend. I will make sure to recommend your site to everyone I know for your excellent, high quality service.

Laurie H. 7/11/11

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I have not had such wonderful service on-line or in person in recent memory. In particular, Amy and Patti were terrific. Thank you.

Noel J. 7/6/11

Good Morning, fabulous!!! Thank you kindly for your prompt response, swift ship and consideration. Hope you have a safe, happy weekend and 4th of July. Sincerely,

Mrs. B. 6/23/11

Good evening, I just thought you should know why I buy from you and not another internet "big box" vendor. Their privacy policy, terms of service, and shipping policy are not acceptable to me. I value your commitment to protecting my privacy and assuring me that the products will arrive as ordered. Thank you,

David P. 6/22/11

To Whom It May Concern: Your service is fantastic. Thank you,

John R. 6/16/11

This is to advise that I have today received the above item. It is in good order, very timely shipment and I am very pleased with the appearance of my choice. This is my second order with Best Crystal and I am totally satisfied with the professionalism and courtesy you have shown me. I will gladly refer you to all of my friends.

Stanley B. 6/13/11

Thank you very much for your help with our order. I appreciate it.

Cathie B. 6/13/11

Thank you! I am very excited for them to receive these glasses.

Nancy C. 6/6/111

Dear Lisa, Thank you for your speedy reply and for fixing the order. Your company is impressive and your service superb! Thanks again,

Colleen V. 6/1/11

Dear Best Crystal, I have been buying dinnerware from you for the last six years...I love the prices, the quality and the free shipping. Between my brother and his family and mine, there are 7 children, as each has gotten married we have given them a place setting of their good china as a wedding gift...easy to make fair for all. I love that I have been able to get each Bride their chosen pattern from you and at a significantly lower price, also sent and gift wrapped all the way to Mississippi. Thank you and there are 3 more to get married so you will get more of my business for sure. Sincerely,

Kathryn F. 6/1/11

Hi Lisa, Thank you for your consideration. It is amazing that a big department store prices so much above retail. I will recommend your store to as many as I can. I like doing business with an internet store that feels like a brick and mortar neighborhood boutique store. Thank you again.

Cindy L. 5/31/11

Dear Best Crystal Customer Service Staff, Thank you for being so prompt. It turns out that I was able to find a pair of 8.5 inch candle holders. I do say that finding that size was hard - many places are backordered. I do appreciate your promptness. Perhaps we could do business in the future.

Howard A. 5/25/11

Thank you for the empathic customer service; I await with crossed fingers the arrival of the monogram! Thanks for the help; count me as a Best Crystal fan.

Ron M. 5/24/11

Dear Best Crystal: I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how very impressed I am with your customer service. I ordered 6 sets of the Vera Wang With Love china pattern. I had unpacked and washed it, and then it sat on my sideboard for a while until I could get a china storage set. When I was packing it away I noticed on close inspection that there were some flaws in the pattern on 4 items. It was just one of those things I knew would bug me even if others didn't notice it. Because it had been a number of weeks since my order I did not thing there would be anything I could do, but at the urging of my husband I sent an email to your customer service. I was amazed at the prompt response telling me I would receive a replacement set of china at no charge. You have definitely secured a loyal customer in me. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your excellent customer service. Regards,

Jill Q. 5/22/11

Dear Friends at Best Crystal, Just a note to say that I will be ordering from you again! My niece is being married soon and I ordered two Waterford Lismore wine goblets -- not an inexpensive gift, but even so, you had the very best price. Since I had not ordered from you before, I wrote my brother to be sure and save the packaging in case either was broken in shipping (ground, free, thank you!) My brother wrote me back: "The glasses were in a lovely gift box tied with a satin ribbon. Glasses were each wrapped in paper, then bubble wrap. Gift box was wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by packing 'peanuts' inside a larger box. Probably could have drop kicked it with no damage ;-)" And they were so thrilled to have two! Without your excellent price I might have had second thoughts about buying both. Thank you for helping me to enjoy their happiness as I cannot personally attend the wedding. It pleases me to know that they will enjoy these for years to come! Your new loyal customer,

Rebecca W. 5/20/11

Thanks so much for completing this order of "discontinued" stock! I appreciate the persistent effort to find available product. I will recommend your company!

Sharon L. 5/13/11

Thank you for your prompt response.

Kathryn J. 5/13/11

Customer Service: I recently ordered and have received your Waterford Fleurology glass tulip. This item is most beautiful! Thank you.

Joyce W. 5/3/11

This has been one of the best mail order experiences I have ever had! Excellent service! The customer service rep (Amy) was so helpful. She went the extra mile to help and search for pieces I was seeking. I will definitely use this company again!

Carrie W. 5/2/11

Hello Best Crystal. Good to be working with your business again... Excellent...Thanks for the quick reply Patti. Regards,

Jon B. 5/2/11

Patti, just wanted to thank you so much for all your help, regarding my Waterford replacement pieces. You were always so helpful and nice. I really appreciate it, I love my Waterford chandelier and didn't know if I would be able to find the pieces and thanks to you, I did! There should be more helpful people like you in customer service. Have a good day!

Jane Z. 4/28/11

I just received my order from you. Thank you so much. They are beautiful. The wrapping was elegant. I confess I opened them to make sure they survived the trip. They were fine. You are a great company to work with. Fast, easy, and great prices. I will tell everyone I know about Best Crystal. I am sure I will be ordering something for myself soon. Best,

Lisa R. 4/25/11

Thank you so much for the wonderful flutes and for the engraving. My friends will be happy to share these at their wedding. The package arrived safely as the glasses were secured. Thanks and have a great day! Now we know where to go to fine the "best crystal"!

George W. 4/18/11

Good morning! I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. I had ordered a place setting that was backordered (Royal Doulton), and the woman I spoke with was very helpful in explaining what would happen in the next month until the shipment arrived. I'm very sad to have to cancel this order, but the bride I was ordering it for has changed her pattern since this one is being discontinued. Thank you again and I hope to be able to place another order with you soon. Best regards,

Katie C. 4/11/11

Thank you very much for this confirmation, and may I add that your phone 'rep', Patti, was exceptionally professional, gracious, helpful, and an excellent representative for your company. All of my questions were answered, and I feel confident doing business with you based on my interaction with Patti. Although I'm retired, I was a manager who always appreciated knowing when the folks I was responsible for did excellent work, so please pass this praise along to Patti's supervisor. From,

Paul B. 4/1/11

I was very impressed with the stock, speed of shipping, and the professionalism of the transaction. I was happy the items were in stock and shipped so quickly. They Waterford pieces were wrapped beautifully and arrived safely. I will definitely be ordering from Best Crystal again in the future. Thanks for an easy transaction. You are the 'BEST'! Sincerely,

Debbie F. 3/31/11

Thank you for your quick response! I can predict that I will be doing quite a bit of business with your company. Clearly customer satisfaction and efficiency are priorities in your business.

Julie N. 3/24/11

Thanks so much for the help. Thus far, I am so impressed with your company.

Patricia S. 3/23/11

Sold! Completing the sale now. Good response via e-mail is exactly what I need as a customer, so I'm duly impressed at the quick & friendly response Lisa... and I'll be inclined to shop with Best Crystal again in the future. Consider this e-mail a compliment of your businesslike & professional customer service and forward it to your boss. Thanks again. Regards...

Jon B. 3/17/11

Thank you so much for the great service!!! I had searched high and low for a specific Waterford crystal vase. I called your customer service office after hours, left a message, and was called back first thing the next morning. Impressive!!! Your customer service representative was incredibly helpful in getting my order placed and explaining the process and timeline for engraving and shipping. Not only was the vase delivered exactly when estimated, the engraving was beautifully done!! I was so relieved to find a business that not only sold the vase I wanted but also provided engraving services. Having the services combined saved me a considerable amount of time and stress. I will most certainly be ordering from Best Crystal again!!

Melissa D. 3/15/11

Thanks for the reply, and again thanks for turning the snifter order around so quickly.

Jim B. 3/15/11

Hi there, I received my order yesterday...Waterford Crystal Lismore Rose Bowl - 6"...Item 2143185700 and wanted to say thank you for a positive online buying experience. The vase is beautiful and your service was quick and easy. I will definitely recommend your site to others.

Brandon P. 3/8/11

Thank you so much for the outstanding service! I just have to pick up some packing tape and we will be mailing back the gold place setting tonight. Your competitive prices, free shipping and great service are appreciated. My sister is getting married and we will be placing many more orders with best crystal over the coming months. Thanks again. Kind Regards,

Christine M. 2/25/11

Thanks you guys have been great to work with! Thanks so much for your help on this! I have received a total of 6 and all of the other awards. They look great.

Amber J. 2/11/11

The glasses arrived in perfect shape and they are lovely!

Great service!
Nancy L. 2/10/11

Thank you for the 5% offer. As a repeat customer, I appreciate it very much. I always have enjoyed excellent service from your company and plan to continue ordering for many years to come.

Deborah M. 1/31/11

That's wonderful. We very much appreciate all your efforts. Rest assured that we will come back to Best Crystal for our future needs. I will check out the website later this summer. Many thanks,

Ed R. 1/26/11

Patti, Thank you so much for your quick response. This is the first time I have ordered from Best Crystal and have been so happy with the customer service department.

Elizabeth B. 1/20/11

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the service I experienced with a purchase from your website. I wanted to order as a Christmas gift a place setting of Wedgwood china which was out of stock and not due to be available for several months. Your customer service rep phoned me - that in itself was an unexpected treat because it was so direct - and explained that to me, and then asked if there were any open stock pieces I'd like to order instead. As she checked the open stock, she realized that a five-piece place setting was available through open stock and immediately offered to send me those pieces for the same price as a five-piece place setting. Astonishing! All pieces arrived carefully wrapped and in perfect condition, in a very short period of time. My daughter was very happy to receive her china. Thank you for great service. I will definitely order from your website again.

Becky T. 1/19/11

Thank you so much, Lisa. I'm thrilled. I will keep you on my favorite list always. This is great news!!! Thanks so much, I love this set of dishes.

Yona E. 1/18/11

Best Crystal, I forgot to put a note in the returned package that you received today. I truly appreciate the way you took care of my concern with respect to the air bubbles in the Waterford Glass. You can bet that we will think of you first when we are looking for any products you carry. Thank you again,

Tom K. 1/12/11

Lisa, I just wanted to circle back and thank you for having helped me with yet another frame order, your excellent recommendations (e.g., some Vera Wang substitutes for certain Waterford frames that were sold out--and procuring the Waterford frames that were still available), making sure all the frames arrived on schedule, assisting me with the engraving, and your always-sunny, friendly, and professional manner in interacting with me. All the frames looked great, the engraving was perfect, and they were all a big hit on Christmas. Thank you very much. I want you to know how much I appreciate the time and effort and extra touches you added to my order (and my previous orders), including the wrapping. In short, I always appreciate the personal touch you add to my orders. And you--and your colleagues--are always a pleasure to deal with. But you are the key, and I sure appreciate it. In sum, Lisa, Best Crystal has--once again--further earned the loyalty of this customer. I hope I have demonstrated this to you over the past year, with three separate (multi-frame and engraving) orders. I appreciate all your efforts--and the personal touch--on my behalf. And as someone who has occupied a number of senior business and senior corporate legal roles, I know I appreciate being made aware when people (even senior people) are producing loyal customers/clients through their professionalism and by going the extra mile. A loyal customer/client base--in any enterprise--is a key recipe for success. My family loved the frames. My best to you in the New Year.

Greg C. 1/10/11

This was my first time ordering with Best Crystal and it was such a good experience that I will place my future Waterford orders with you in confidence. From the initial placement, to all of the follow up and expedient delivery, it was a pleasure. Looking forward to dealing with you in the future!

Cathy N. 1/6/11

No problem....thanks for the prompt response.

George W. 1/5/11

I just received my order referenced above and just wanted to write to tell you how very pleased I was with the whole process. Before I ordered, I had a question which I emailed you and was happy to receive a prompt, courteous, and helpful reply. My order went through without a hitch, I received it in a most timely manner, and it was packed extremely well. I have to tell you that I was a little apprehensive about having something so fragile shipped to me but I am so very glad I went with you company. What I ordered was a bridal shower gift for my future daughter-in-law so this was a very special gift and it was special treatment I received from you company indeed! Please know that if I have the opportunity to order from you again, I most certainly will. I will also let me friends know about you as well.

Jeanne H. 1/4/11

So sorry for the inconvenience!! Thank you very much for the wonderful Customer Service I have received for this and all previous orders. Sincerely,

Genelle H. 1/4/11

So good and uncomplicated to do business with you!

Muriel G. 1/4/11

Dear Best Crystal, for each birthday and special holiday, I buy my daughter Waterford crystal. I purchased a pair of Waterford wine glasses from you and had them sent directly to my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. I never saw them, but they loved them and commented more than once on the nice presentation. She said the packaging, wrapping, ribbon, was much nicer and caring than the other company I have ordered Waterford from in the past. (She thought that I had wrapped the gift and sent it myself!) For this reason, I am now a dedicated customer of Best Crystal. I really appreciate the personal care you put into your products. Thank you.

Addie C. 1/3/11

With Best Wishes for the New Year and thank you for your friendly service.

Ida H. 1/3/11