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Customer Comments - 2012

Best Crystal is an independent small business, and excellent customer service is our highest priority - our customer service and communication distinguish us from our competition. We have knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives ready to assist you via phone or email at 1-866-516-0907 or service@bestcrystal.com. Your shopping experience and satisfaction are very important to us. Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to write and call. We appreciate your feedback and your business. We will keep working hard to provide Best Crystal customers with the best customer service.

Hi Patti, I received the engraved Ice Block and it is beautiful. Thank you!! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas & Happy, Healthy New Year!

Lorraine 12/12/12

I have packaged the return crystal that my husband will take to the UPS center tomorrow. Thanks for the label that UPS delivered today. We thank you for being such a good company.

Patricia S. 12/10/12

Hello...I have ordered Waterford ornaments for my daughters and granddaughters for several years from you and truly appreciate your service. When I have called for information you have always been most kind and very helpful. This year however I had to order the ornaments from a different site (because you were out of stock of the ornaments I wanted--not your fault...I procrastinated!) and for that I am sad for I have honestly enjoyed doing business with you. So here is my question: when does your shipment of Waterford ornaments usually arrive? I will put it on my calendar to "order early" so I can order from you. Once again...I'm happy that you have sold out of some items...I just wish I would not put off what I need to do!! Thank you for your sweet assistance!

Trish S. 12/5/12

Thank you for the quick response.

Lance J. 11/13/12

Hey Patti! I appreciate your help so much! I will be ordering 4 more ornaments needed this year from Best Crystal in the next couple of days. Thank you, have a wonderful day.

Pam 11/11/12

Thank you for the quick response! I appreciate it! I am excited to get both lamps on my buffet!

Claire 11/9/12

Thanks so much for checking this out for me. Sorry I got the pattern wrong. I will keep looking for the Wynnewood pattern. The Lismore is an option and I might have to go ahead and make the switch but for now I really don’t want to give up on the other. Thanks again!

Angela W. 10/30/12


Charles W. 10/26/12

Thank you for kindly calling my son and explaining the situation. He called and was happy not to have been forgotten by us. Also, the 5% discount is appreciated. Many thanks,

Carol Z. 10/2/12

Best Crystal has become an integral part of my Christmas gifts to my great nieces. Thanks!

Linda C. 9/24/12

I just received the order below. It came in good condition. Thank you.

Bernice L. 9/5/12

Amy..........thanks for all your help with my order. Please put me on your mailing list for specials. thanks

Judy L. 9/5/12

Thanks for your quick service! Have used y'all before and always very satisfied.

Liddy 8/29/12

thanks very much! i will make sure that it all arrived safely. appreciate your taking the time to research it for me! loved dealing w/you and best crystal and will be back again without hesitation - will recommend to everyone! thanks,

Pattie D. 8/27/12

Dear Lisa, just received my package, everything is perfect. Thank you so much. Sincerely,

Roula K. 8/14/12

I just want to commend one of your service reps named Amy for the friendly efficient service she extended to me. I made a sizeable purchase and she made the process very comfortable. This was my first purchase with Best Crystal but not my last. Thank you Amy.

Charles F 8/9/12

Thank u received today. I appreciate all the help and look forward to passing ur business around to anyone looking for fine crystal.

Mike M. 8/6/12

Delivery on the 16th sounds perfect! I can't even tell you how much we appreciate your willingness to do this. Every time we use these glasses I'll remember your kindness. Thanks so much!

Peggy 8/2/12

Hi Patti, Just a note of thanks. The glasses arrived just as you stated on Thursday. My daughter was just returning from a weeks vacation. She and her husband are both THRILLED over the glasses. They are really beautiful. Thanks a million. We are all well pleased. Thanks again.

Thelma M. 7/24/12

My Newlyweds have received the gift - Thank-you Amy for your special customer service! I will remember Best Crystal for future gifts! Sincerely,

Denise L. 7/12/12

Thank you Amy for all your help.

Anne J. 7/10/12

They loved their presents. Thank you for helping me!

Betsy M. 6/14/12

You are awesome - thanks Lisa!

David K. 6/12/12

Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for your voicemail about our order! I'm so excited to see the finished product. I'll let you know when we receive the package. Thanks again for all of your help! You and Best Crystal are very easy and professional to work with. Have a terrific summer!!

Lisa O. 5/31/12

Thank you, the order has arrived as promised. Thank you for getting the package out in one day. Sincerely,

Peter R. 5/24/12

Thank you so much for your prompt and informative reply. I will be ordering from you, but the recipients are moving and I will wait until they are settled in their new home. It is great doing business with you! Sincerely,

Nancy B. 5/23/12

Thank you, Thank you & one more thank you. We just received our pair of Lismore lamps for our bedroom, & we couldn't be happier!! This is the second item we've received from bestcrystal and there are no regrets. The packaging itself lets you know that all the way through the process, customer care is first priority. When something works well you stick with it and we will be customers for many years to come. Again...thanks to all from the person who took my order to the shippers. Have a pleasant day all. Sincerely,

Barry S. 5/2/12

Thank you so much for your terrific customer service. The last time I ordered, someone called me to tell me I would receive the order in two shipments. I thought that was extremely considerate of her. Thank you for explaining the website security also. I am a fan of your site and will shop with you again. Much appreciated. Best regards,

Rosemary O. 5/1/12

That sounds great to me. Let's do it. Thank you so much for all of your attention to this. I know we will be ordering more items in the future and appreciate your wonderful customer service.

Debbie L. 4/30/12

Lisa, I received my vase on Monday. The turnaround time was unbelievable only to be eclipsed by the beautifully engraved vase. Thanks for your help.

Lance G. 4/18/12

Hi - My order came today, and the bowl is beautiful. I've bought it for my nephew and his bride for a wedding gift, and it's such a simple, elegant piece that I think they will both love and enjoy. Thank you for being so helpful and prompt. I truly appreciate it.

Ellen O. 4/17/12

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you're honoring the promotion. I will keep Best Crystal in mind when making future fine china purchases.

Caitlin M. 4/17/12

Thanks so much! Order completed (and Lisa helped me finish because I added another piece not on registry!)...have a great day, ladies~

Pattie D. 4/11/12

That's wonderful news. Thank you so much. I will let you know about future purchases. Thanks,

Chris S. 4/9/12

Hi Lisa, Thank you for the email. I just submitted the order for the globe and once I receive it I will contact Barone Crystal. I think I may have actually used them before - to engrave some flutes. The Ice Block looks wonderful! Just perfect! We gave it to the shipyard owner on Saturday at the boat launch and I think he was really touched to receive the block. You could tell it really meant a lot to him. Thank you for all of your help with that. I couldn't have done it without you!

Hallie D. 4/3/12

We got the clocks...they look great! Thanks for all you help in getting this done for us and in such a timely fashion.

Tina W. 4/1/12

Thank you so very much for the information. I'll use your web site to buy Waterford crystal in the future.

Julie N. 3/12/12

Thank you for informing us. The arrangement will be fine. Have enjoyed the prompt response and delivery from Best Crystal...never plan to order from (another store) again!

John & Jessica M. 2/29/12

Patti, Thank you so much for your assistance. I'll check out the sources you recommended. It's rather ironic that I purchased the Mourne pattern because not only is it simple, elegant, and beautiful, but at the time, it was available only in Ireland!!! I liked that it couldn't be purchased in a department store!! Again, thank you so much. I'm keeping your information for future use!!! Kindest regards,

Marialyce H. 2/19/12

Amy, thank you SO much for your help with the Waterford baseball when I spoke to you last week. I appreciate you so much. Coach Childress absolutely loved it. It was a great weekend dedicating the new playground. I will get pictures posted soon to Spencer's website. Thank you for your generosity in expediting the shipping for us! Thank you, thank you for providing a perfect touch!!!! Fondly,

Anna S. 2/15/12

Hello Patti, Thank you very much for helping us track down replacements for the Waterford Champagne Flutes from our wedding which we broke even though they are available from a company other than yours. Customer service like that demonstrated by this effort is what truly makes a good company great and shows you in particular truly care about the people you deal with. Thank you again. Best regards,

Bob & Jan W. 2/9/12

Thanks so much for your phone call about delivery time. I don't need this until April ,so I would prefer it be wrapped--thanks again!!

Pat G. 2/9/12

Thank you so much Lisa, I really appreciate it!

Maria R. 2/6/12

... And, yes, of course we will continue to use Best Crystal for all of our Waterford shopping. You have been delightful to deal with in the past and the dedication to customer service that you continue to demonstrate is extraordinary. Thanks again,

Al B. 2/6/12

Hello -- Just a note of thanks for fulfilling my order of two place settings of my china. They arrived yesterday in perfect condition! Thanks,

Ann K. 2/3/12

Thanks Patti - also rec'd the voicemail update. thank you for trying, appreciate the terrific customer service!

Matt S. 1/31/12

Thank you for your prompt and informative reply.

Robert F. 1/30/12

Openers arrived today and they look nice. Thank you,

Marion Q. 1/27/12

Thank you so much for your commitment to helping me find the correct match on this glass. I really appreciate your customer service and definitely would consider Best Crystal for any additional orders. You have gone above and beyond my expectations and I thank you again!

PS - next time I break a friend's glass I'll make sure it's not a discontinued pattern!!

Jane C.> 1/11/12

I do appreciate your quick response and the credit to my account. As you know I value doing business with you and I always recommend your site to my friends and family and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Again, Thank you! I do appreciate your effort.

Teresa B. 1/6/12