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About Rogaska

Rogaska Crystal is a world recognized luxury brand of high quality lead crystal stemware, barware and crystal gifts and art pieces. Rogaska Glassworks is located in Slovenia EU, about four hours east of Venice, and is among the global leaders of high quality crystal making. Rogaska's 900 employees annually produce 7.5 million glass products, of which about 3.5 million are cut lead crystal products and the remainder are plain lead crystal products and crystalline products.  In recent years, Rogaska has primarily produced crystal products for other leading luxury brands.  Rogaska is now introducing its own brand of crystal to the U.S. market.  Best Crystal is one of the first U.S. retailers to sell Rogaksa's exclusive Black Label line of products.  The Rogaska Crystal products are unique, timeless, and beautiful.

Rogaska designs objects that go above and beyond the everyday. Their products bring balance between functionality and aesthetics. Rogaska dares to influence and shape the feelings of the user with each item they make. Rogaska is aware of the lasting beauty that crystal possesses and therefore Rogaska items are excellent gifts and collectibles for people who can appreciate the value, beauty, culture and art of each piece.

Rogaska fosters and continues traditional manual glassmaking skills as they do not want to see the extinction of this profession and activity. Today's impact of modern technologies of manufacturing and designing crystal products dictates its own requirements. Steklarna Rogaska adapts its development, design and products to the demands of the market which it helps create through years of experience.  Purchasing Rogaska helps preserve the art of almost 350 years of making crystal ware in Slovenia. Rogaska pieces are often viewed as the showpieces of Slovene culture, knowledge and original ideas. 

Steklarna Rogaska draws its rich knowledge of designing and making crystal ware from almost 350 years of tradition in the area of Trebusa, Pohorje and Kozjansko where the forest glass huts could be found.


The crystal of Rogaska is hand-made from a molten mixture of raw ingredients that transform into a full lead product. Each piece of lead-crystal is a work of art: the full lead crystal contains 24% lead, which adds to its exceptional brilliance, and enhances the cutting of each piece, which is then hand-polished. Because of it lead content, crystal glass has the typical metallic ring which distinguishes it from other types of glass.


To enjoy your Rogaska Crystal products for many years to come, here are some suggestions to keep your crystal always looking beautiful:


Prior to the first use of storing vessels (i.e. crystal decanters, pitchers, bowls and cruets), follow the procedure below:

  1. Fill the vessel with a room-temperature solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar
  2. Let the solution stand in the crystal vessel for 24 hours
  3. Empty and rinse with warm water

To preserve your Rogaska product's finish, avoid film build-up and the possibility of chemical erosion of container's interior finish. It is recommended that you avoid storing beverages for extended periods of time.

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