Vera Wang Wedgwood Crystal & Metal: Vera Wang Wedgwood Duchesse Collection

Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Double Old Fashion Glasses, Set of 4 Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Hiball Glasses, Set of 4 Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Platinum Stemware
Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Ring Holder Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Stemware Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Toasting Flutes Pair
Wedgwood Vera Wang Duchesse Vase, 9      

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Vera Wang stemware is designed by Vera Wang and manufactured by Wedgwood. Best Crystal - an independent small business focused on providing exceptional customer service - is an authorized Vera Wang Wedgwood retailer, and is one of the largest independent Waterford Wedgwood retailers in the United States. Wedgwood®, Vera Wang Duchesse and other Vera Wang Wedgwood pattern names are registered trademarks of Wedgwood.

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