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Lladro Nativity


Issue Year: 1988, 2003, 2005
Sculptor: Juan Huerta, Regino Torrijo

The Lladro Nativity scene was first created by Juan Huerta in 1988 containing the Lladro Saint Joseph, the Lladro Mary, the Lladro Baby Jesus, the Lladro King Melchior, the Lladro King Gaspar, the Lladro King Balthasar, the Lladro Ox, the Lladro Donkey, the Lladro Lost Lamb and the Lladro Shepard Boy. In 2003 Juan Huerta added the Lladro Camel and in 2005 Regino Torrijo added the Stable in Bethlehem completing the set. Other Lladro Nativity items: Lladro Nativity (3 items), Lladro Nativity (1 item), Lladro Nativity Gres (3 boxed sets and 11 individual items) and Lladro Nativity Re-Deco (3 boxed sets and 9 individual items).
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Click To Zoom Lladro Silent Night Boxed Set
Item 01007804; UPC 737859078040
Click To Zoom Lladro Three Wise Men Boxed Set
Item 01007812; UPC 737859078125
Click To Zoom Lladro Animals at Bethlehem Boxed Set
Item 01007810; UPC 737859078101
Click To Zoom Lladro Saint Joseph
8.25 x 5.5"
Item 01005476; UPC 737859054761
Click To Zoom Lladro Mary
7 x 5"
Item 01005477; UPC 737859054778
Click To Zoom Lladro Baby Jesus
2.25 x 3.5"
Item 01005478; UPC 737859054785
Click To Zoom Lladro King Balthasar
12.5 x 5.5"
Item 01005481; UPC 737859054815
Click To Zoom Lladro King Gaspar
9 x 5.5"
Item 01005480; UPC 737859054808
Click To Zoom Lladro King Melchior
9 x 6.25"
Item 01005479; UPC 737859054792
Click To Zoom Lladro Camel
6 x 8.75"
Item 01006944; UPC 737859069444
Click To Zoom Lladro Donkey
4.75 x 8.75"
Item 01005483; UPC 737859054839
Click To Zoom Lladro Lost Lamb
5.5 x 3.25"
Item 01005484; UPC 737859054846
Click To Zoom Lladro Ox
2.75 x 8.75"
Item 01005482; UPC 737859054822
Click To Zoom Lladro Shepherd Boy
8.75 x 4"
Item 01005485; UPC 737859054853
Click To Zoom Lladro The Stable in Bethlehem
17.75 x 5.5"
Item 01008083; UPC 737859080838
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