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Waterford Wynnewood Stemware


Waterford Wynnewood Semware is simple, yet bold. Striking blaze cuts give character to the elegant Waterford Crystal Wynnewood Stemware pattern. Tulip shaped Wynnewood Stemware is reminiscent of lighted fires in the hearths of homes. The Waterford Crystal Wynnewood Stemware pattern includes the Wynnewood Goblet, Wine Glass, Flute and Iced Beverage Glass.
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Click To Zoom Waterford Wynnewood Goblet
9 oz, 8 3/4"
Item 6959930200; UPC 091571113626
Click To Zoom Waterford Wynnewood Wine Glass
8 oz, 8 1/8"
Item 6959930600; UPC 091571113664
Click To Zoom Waterford Wynnewood Flute
6 oz, 9 1/4"
Item 6959930400; UPC 091571113640
Click To Zoom Waterford Wynnewood Footed Iced Beverage
12 oz, 7"
Item 5489930200; UPC 091571113688
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